Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Online inspiration - your guide to great motherhood sites on the Web

Another type of web spun yesterday in my front yard.

In putting together this blog, I have reason (well, that's my excuse) to explore the wonderful world of blogs out there. So I thought I would share some of my recent finds of great sites to visit. These are all run by mothers and you will notice many have a creative bent.
I've sorted them by country:

Townmouse: www.townmouse.typepad.com - site run by a childrenswear designer which always features interesting snippets and lovely photos, often of her own work.

Simply Living: www.livingsimplyliving.blogspot.com/ - run by a mother and photographer, there's lots to read here about turning a traditional Melbourne backyard into a sustainable rural paradise.

Misc Mum: www.miscmum.com - a recent find, written by a mother talking about daily life and her forays into self publishing a children's book. Always a good read.

Clementine's Shoes: www.clementineshoes.blogspot.com - lots of good writing, nice pics and inspiring ideas.

Living Creatively: www.livingcreatively.com.au - not sure if this is Melbourne based or else, but a great Australian site profiling people turning their creativity into a business.

Floating World: www.floatingworld.typepad.com - Again, another blog with a craft/design bent but great inspiration and lovely photos.

New Zealand:
Anknel and Burblets: www.anknelandburblets.com - A really inspiring site, full of the author's beautifully made objects. She has a great eye and includes lovely snippets of life with an infant as well.


The Artful Parent: www.artfulparent.wordpress.com/ - another new find but lots of great ideas on bringing art and creativity into your child's daily life.

Soulemama: www.soulemama.typepad.com - I've been a reader of this site for a year now. The author writes well about homeschooling, craft and her recent foray into publishing. She also takes a mean photo.

Write Mama Write: www.writemamawrite.typepad.com - Great US site about motherhood and other snippets, often with great humour.

Tree Fall Design - www.treefalldesign.typepad.com - I seriously swoon over this woman's designs and creative eye.

Sanctuary - www.houseofbliss.blogspot.com - I love Scandinavian design and enjoy reading this blog, as well as the two below:
Modern Country - www.moderncountry.blogspot.com
White Country - www.whitecountry.blogspot.com

There are plenty more and I will publish another list soon. I'm also planning on regularly profiling mothers around the world who blog, so stay tuned.

Do you have a great blog you read regularly? Please share in our comments section.

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