Saturday, 19 April 2008

My new column in the Herald Sun

For those Baysidemama readers who live in Melbourne and happen to read the Herald Sun, my new column launched today.
It's in the paper's Home magazine and is called Greenhouse - all about green living ideas for our homes.
The idea is to take a very domestic approach to green issues - all the things we can do in our own backyard. Today's piece was on fellow blogger Nichola Prested ( and the amazing things she does at home - from recycling to sewing to gardening.

Anyway, the column runs fortnightly and the next one will look at how we can turn our parched patches of grass we call nature strips into wildlife corridors and beautiful gardens.

Unfortunately Home magazine is not online yet, but I'm told that's not too far away. So you'll just have to buy the paper!


kirsten said...

haven't seen your blog before but came via nikki-shell [btw - nice article].
good luck with the new green column. great concept. :)

kirsten @

familyvalue said...

Fantastic Kylie! I will definately be looking out for your column on 3rd May.