Friday, 8 August 2008

Whatever happened to....Naomi Wolf

naomi wolf, originally uploaded by hedgehoghead.

I was looking through some old books of mine recently and came across The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf. Remember that? I can recall the late 1980s or was it early 1990s when she did several talks and book tours in Melbourne and was all the talk during those days at uni. I wondered whatever happened to her (the last book by her I had read was The Treehouse. But then I looked online and she's since written a book about the Bush Administration and its military policies titled: The End of America. Was I the only one to miss it?

Now looking through The Beauty Myth, my first thought was: nothing kills the passionate young feminist more than looking after young children (me, not her).

Fancy a little radical feminist or liberal text? Just pass me the shopping list....the kids need lunchbox supplies. (No I'm not really that jaded, just some days).

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