Sunday, 23 March 2008

Subscribe away (or Baysidemama gets techno savvy)

Ok, Baysidemama has finally got with the technology program and installed a subscriber option - see top right. So get going and subscribe if you so desire!

Our neighbor's tree offers a canopy of summer shade (above)

Autumn's clear blue skies (above)

And finally, finally, finally, it may have been officially autumn for some time now, however in the last few days it has started to show its seasonal face.

Days are beginning with a chill in the air, followed by those wonderful sunny days with clear skies and slightly colder nights.

This magnificent tree, pictured top, is in our neighbour's yard but we enjoy its shade. And I noticed over the last week its leaves are starting to just turn a gentle shade of yellow.

I'm just not a hot weather person, so I say bring on the season!

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