Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Some recent vintage market finds for kids' rooms

I have a serious market addiction (I keep telling myself that at least it's not an addiction to anything bad) and that means most Sunday mornings I find myself at one of Melbourne's fabulous markets. I steer away from Camberwell these days as the prices are high and you never really feel you've found that great bargain find anymore, although it is sometimes worth a wander just to look at some of the amazing wares there. No, my stomping grounds are the more suburban markets. Recently, these are some of my finds for kids' rooms......

Vintage plastic

Vintage plastic collection

Old wooden boat shelves - perfect for display

Amazing vintage children's desk

These aren't vintage but I recently found these great little tin animals and thought they were very sweet

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katef - said...

oh great finds... what is your favourite market?
We are heavily into farmers markets but then we do live in an area that has one on close by almost every weekend!