Wednesday, 4 June 2008

World Blog Tour: Sweden

Blogged by Poppy Talk, originally uploaded by Chez Larsson. Courtesy; Chez Larsson Flickr site.

Onwards with my world blog tour this week. Today's destination is Chez Larsson, which I discovered only recently. She has a wonderful eye, and runs a great blog and Flickr site showcasing her very creative and stylish home. I like all her tips on organising, showcasing collections, etc. How are the miniature chairs (above, from Chez Larsson's Flickr site) for a fab little collection?


clare Carter said...

Yes I love this!i've seen it in a couple of places -flickr of course and I think Benita was in a local mag last year?The mini chairs are such fun.

Benita said...

What? A local mag??? How exciting... ~Benita