Thursday, 26 June 2008

The school speed limit menance

Cool Round Speed Limit Sign., originally uploaded by Incase Designs. Picture: Flickr.

What is it about school 40 km speed limits which brings out the road rage in some people?

Where we live, there are quite a few schools around and so every morning and afternoon, the driving gets a little bit more complicated in terms of the speed limit (for overseas readers, roads near local schools here have a speed limit of 40 kms per hour during morning and afternoon arrivals and departures).

It seems it is a little too complicated for many - without fail, I will get aggressively tail-gated by one car each day while driving 40 kms along one of these school stretches. They sometimes drive so close it is quite unnerving and very hard to ignore.

Does anyone else 0ut there experience this? What to do?

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h&b said...

I must admit, I think this state is so confusing with speed signs. If you're not local and 'not in the know', there are all sorts of 'speed up/slow down' signs along one strip of road - miss one and you're fined. Very confusing.

But what to do ?
Not sure.

I just typed a whole heap of suggestions, but they were so ill-thought out, I erased them :)