Thursday, 23 October 2008


Lanterns, originally uploaded by Baysidemama.

I haven't taken these down yet - they were for a party but look so lovely and colourful swaying in the breeze. There are so many great shops for paper lanterns and all sorts of wonderful finds in Victoria Street in Richmond - it's worth a look if you're visiting Melbourne.


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Love the lanterns, they look great.

Do they actually have somewhere to put a light in?

I have never shopped in Victoria Street, unless you count IKEA, down near the Skipping Girl - I am always just passing through (slowly with the traffic you get there). Perhaps I will have to stop there, if I can ever get a park ;-).

h&b said...

Liek cliare said .. I have a lot of paper lanterns and love to use them for decorating/parties ... but lighting them up remains a problem.

There's a cord you can buy in the USA especially for this kind of 'multi-lighting', but i've never found an equivalent here .. and tealights and ricepaper ? Hmmmm..