Monday, 20 October 2008

A new vegie garden begins

Blooms on our orange tree (above)

My new pot of mint

Yes, I know it's been a little while between posts here.

And in keeping with the current fiscal theme of the times, my first return post is a little peak at the beginnings of our vegie and fruit patch. We have one magnificent existing orange tree that produces so much fruit we can't keep up with it - much of it has been sent off to more experienced jam and marmalade makers than I.

But in a bid to stem the ridiculous amounts of money fruit and veg was now costing us, we have started to grow some of our own. First up is a little herb garden, and already mint (see above), rosemary, parsley and basil is growing with wild abandon.

Next up, planting some tomatoes, strawberries and corn (the corn is courtesy of my pre-schooler who loves the idea - not too sure how successful that one will be).


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! The mint looks gorgeous. Try some broad beans - the kids love watching them grow. said...

Nice to read you again! Here, here on beans - they grow so fast and my one-year-old ate them off the bush last year.