Thursday, 29 January 2009

Neighbourhood: Bleak heat

Green and blue reflections, originally uploaded by Baysidemama.

Early this morning the men with their chainsaws were up at dawn across the road, tearing down a magnificent gum tree. When I wandered over to find out why, it appears it is yet another victim of this terrible drought - dried out and ready to fall.

This searing heat - 43 degrees again today - always makes me feel bleak about what we have done to our land. The lack of shade in the suburbs and such poorly designed homes mean we are a country dependent on air con.

Last night, before it was even dark, I found the ringtail possums desperately trying to drink from the pool.

I urge any locals to leave some bowls of water - both low and high - out for our wildlife today and tonight. I figure if we razor their habitat as we have as a people, at least we can offer them a drink.

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kirsten said...

i so agree with your sentiments, kylie. and we found a couple of dead possums... the poor little creatures. nothing is created to withstand that heat.