Thursday, 1 October 2009

A return from the wilderness

OK it's been so long between snippets on this site - the urge, time and ability to post was somehow lost amongst all the other daily demands.
So to mark the return to Baysidemama being an active site, here's a pic of another fresh face - our new household member!'


Stacey said...

Oh how gorgeous! What's his / her name?

kylie said...

The lovely Frankie - although it's a girl but the kids chose the name before the gender was chosen. But I still think it works as a girl name!

Claire Heaney said...

Welcome back to blogging... also welcome to Frankie.

Lou@weheartbooks said...

It's really great to see you back and meet Frankie - what a fab name.
We have a new edition too. Little baby Otto has joined the we heart books fold. Looking forward to more posts.