Saturday, 14 February 2009

Neighbourhood: Ways to help the wildlife

I have been at a loss to post anything on this website as I watched the utter devastation of parts of Victoria over the last week. As a wordsmith, words fail me at this point.

Much has been written about the wonderful ways to help the thousands upon thousands of people who have lost loved ones and their homes. This includes the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

I thought something useful to post here might be some links to helping wildlife who have somehow survived this inferno. It is estimated that one million animals have perished. There is some amazing work going on, including the work of Wildlife Victoria and its volunteer workers who are now on the ground and in desperate need of supplies. On Wildlife Victoria's website, there is a list of what they need at this point and drop-off points. You can find Wildlife Victoria here.

Also, the always amazing Animal Aid animal shelter at Coldstream - which is itself now on fire alert - is also organising supplies and vets and doing supply runs and work in the field. It too is in need of all sorts of supplies and money and also residents to put their hand up if they are able to foster an animal for a period of time. You can find Aninmal Aid here.

The amazing response of our community during this time has been something uniquely inspiring. The rebuilding of parts of this state is going to be a mammoth task and is going to require every inch of that spirit which has been so in abundance this week.

And if you are an international reader, there are fire report updates here.


h&b said...

you've been gone a while ?

Hope all is ok :)

Myraine said...

It seems that you have so many things to share in your blog. Will be following your posts. Thanks for sharing!

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