Sunday, 6 January 2008

The day after....the big heat

summer colors, originally uploaded by Shahram Sharif.

The air conditioners are straining, the garden a wilted tarnished brown and children all over town are tired and restless. It's been one warm weekend.
This image from Flickr captures the essence of summer colour.

Stay tuned this week for lots of summer features. We've got a piece planned on relocating to Bayside and a look at the latest in fashion for kids. Plus later this month we tackle the big end of January issue - heading back to school and kinder. Baysidemama looks at what parents can expect and advice from education experts on making the transition easy. School's not that far away!

Also, if you have an event - be it regular or one off - for Bayside families, please leave a comment or email the details and we will profile it.

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