Friday, 4 January 2008

Savouring summer with little ones......

Up,Up and Away, originally uploaded by aussiegall.

It's really really hot in Melbourne at the moment, so Bayside Mama thought a bit of a guide to ideas to surviving the heat with little ones might go down a treat. Here are some ideas:

If you're a new Mum:

A newborn baby, breastfeeing and extreme heat do not make a comfortable mix.

*If you're breastfeeding, place a cool damp cloth between you and bub.

* Drink water, water and more water.

* Babies will often feed for shorter periods of time and more frequently in the heat. All is well if bub is still having regular wet nappies.

Keeping up with little ones:

* Lots of picnics in the backyard keep the little ones amused and mean Mum and Dad have less cleaning up in the heat. Think ribbon sandwiches, cucumber slices, fruit salad, dips and pita bread and cool fruity drinks.

* Tell them bedtime stories about your summers as a kid.

* Icy pole moulds are your best friend. It means regularly icy treats which are also healthy and guilt free.

* Create a small vegie patch. Choose plants which will attract butterflies and bird and have interesting shapes, like sunflowers, corn and pumpkin. Add some sweet smelling tomatoes. Broad beans are exciting to watch grow and you can tell the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Tips for you:

* Nap when your kids do.

* Head out to the park and pool early.

* Store up on board games, books, a few good kids movies and of course, a powerful fan.

Your summer nappy bag essentials:

Sunhat, lotion, picnic rug, ball, swimsuits for all, extra wipes, small first aid kit, spade, towels, loose change, shade cloth for pram and change of clothes.

Finally, take a look at the lovely images above. They are from the Flickr site of aussiegal. Look at more of her inspiring images by clicking on the photos or following the aussiegal link below them.

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