Monday, 21 July 2008

A big night out....

My children seem to think a trip to the doctor's is a big night out. God knows they go there often enough. You can pretty much guarantee that no matter how unwell and deflated they are, mention of the local medical clinic seems to rouse them from their illness and into their coats before dear old mum has even managed to brush her locks. I think it is that toy box in the middle of the waiting room that holds special appeal.

So this week they've had a few big nights there. Let's see. In the space of just over a week we've managed to deal with:
one chest infection;
one case of bronchitis;
one nasty asthma attack (requiring side trip to local hospital emergency);
one case of conjunctivitis and now, after this evening, a lovely little case of his 'n hers ear infections. Simply grand.

The chemist just told me to take a good lie down. I think we've reached the beyond sleep point in the story.

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