Monday, 7 July 2008

Can you help with craft for the animals?

I help out with the Keysborough Animal Shelter, which is a large shelter servicing the south-east and southern parts of Melbourne. It receives no government support and yet shelters and rehomes thousands of cats, dogs, rabbits, even goats roosters and even sheep each year.

Our main fundraising event each year is a Christmas fete and this is where we need your help.
For those creative bloggers and readers out there, I propose this. This year at the fete we will be running a special handmade crafts stall - with all money going to the animals. Are you in a position to donate something you've made? It could be a handmade toy, craft item, handmade children's or adults clothes. Or even a nice bag of crafty/sewing scraps that someone would find useful. It could even be a voucher if you have a shop.

Of course your contribution will be accompanied with info on who donated it and your business details.

If you would like to, email me at: and we'll talk.

Oh, and the shelter's online here, if you'd like to take a look at the four-legged lovelies that this fundraising supports.

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