Monday, 14 July 2008

backyard chooks

Ursula and Mimma, originally uploaded by BruceTurner. Picture: Courtesy Flickr.

Talk around here of late has been about chooks. Backyard chooks to be exact. We've been toying with the idea - although the depths of a cold wet Melbourne winter doesn't seem like the best time to start. I've researched the idea of keeping chickens quite a bit and they sound like great household additions.

Apparently a breed called the Pekin is great for suburban dwellers and they are also fluffy and pretty social.

One site I found useful is a Melbourne enterprise called Book A Chook. You can 'lease' a couple of chickens for a few weeks or months to see if you really are going to like the idea. They come complete with housing. If you do - and most clients apparently love the idea - then you can get your own permanent brood.

The site is:


Anonymous said...

We have three chooks and they have been great - fresh eggs and the children adore helping to look after them
- Emily said...

We have a chook and we love her - Rowan has learnt where eggs come from and we get lovely chook poo for our vegie patch! I've reviewed some books about chooks for kids too, if you decide to go ahead!

h&b said...

My sister & I grew up with chooks, and have a love/hate relationship with them. Chook shit on the school uniform is not cool, but the eggs are grand !

Time romanticises the experience though, and I could see myself getting them in time, when my boys are older.

Have you googled/researched a 'chook tractor' ? Very funny, but also, not so stupid ..