Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Winter time

Magical*, originally uploaded by imapix.

OK, Melbourne doesn't quite look like this in the winter - more a cold, damp dark look to it rather than glistening snow. But it sort of captures the mood for this week. With half the household very sick, I've hit my limitation on embracing the season. Roll on spring. This pic was shot in Quebec City, where I have been and it is as magical a place as the picture suggests. I went there in the depths of winter and marvelled at locals skiing cross country to work - for an Australian, that's quite a sight. It's also the place I decided to get brave on the ski slopes and immediately headed straight into a tree - no major harm done though, just an embarassing rescue on one of those motorised ski machines.

Also, take a look at the link to the Flickr page by this photographer - amazing nature images.

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