Sunday, 27 July 2008

Home magazine and my column

Phillip Island - coastal growth, originally uploaded by Baysidemama.

Yesterday was a busy day in the Herald Sun's Home magazine. MyGreenhouse column was looking at how to help your kids appreciate and learn about nature. Some of the ideas included setting up simple nature tables, something we do from time to time here at the home of Baysidemama and they are always popular - both the collecting bit and setting out our little finds.

Then there was a feature on nursery design and included was the lovely botanical inspired design by Leanne who runs the delightful blog house-n-baby. Go and take a look at Leanne's post on the matter and her Flickr pics - she has used really simple materials to create a gorgeous nursery which steers away from being over-cute and instead is a room little boys could grow happily in for many years.....

2 comments: said...

Spent some lovely time discovering Leanne's flickr photos! Thanks for sharing the link!

h+b said...

oh thankyou !

( A bit late getting here, but better late than never .. and thankyou too, Katie ;)

Love the nature table idea too - we have a 'windowsill' table at the moment - growing an avocado pip and some carrot tops :p